Here are some useful links to resources for calligraphy and lettering.

The Society of Northumbrian Scribes

My local calligraphy group in the north east of England. We hold workshops on the third Saturday of each month in Sunderland.

Get in touch to enquire about membership or any other information.


The Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society
The Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society (CLAS) is one of the largest calligraphy and lettering societies in the world.
It is based in the United Kingdom and has an extensive membership in Europe as well as many other countries.

The Society of Scribes & Illuminators

SSI Fellows are practising professionals, among the finest in the world. Our Lay Membership comprises
professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. We draw membership from around the world.

Letter Exchange

We set out to inspire and inform practitioners and clients alike through our diverse programme of lectures, exhibitions,
and publications. We help organisations implement large, complex or demanding lettering projects and help
newcomers to the lettering arts with our active participation in education and training.